Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Take on Self Discipline

Selain faktor kesuksesan Story of "Bottle Claus" dari Eliud Kipchoge menjuarai Berlin Marathon dan memecahkan Marathon Running Record dalam waktu 2:01:09 ada faktor lainnya. Salah satunya adalah self discipline.

Di sebuah sharing, Kipchoge memaparkan ada 5 faktor dengan yang terutama dan pertama adalah self discipline.

In order for you to be successful you need to consider some factors. One is self discipline. Secondly is, be well prepared. Thirdly is, you should be well organised. Fourthly, your should think positive. Fifth is actually working with people.

Let me start with self discipline.

I can say, self discipline starts with you. It's not the other person. It stars with you. Start to examine yourself. So self discipline means, it's doing what's right, rather than doing what you feel, like doing.

That is meaning of self discipline.

Self discipline can help you to actually get three things. Get you back on course when you try to think otherwise.

When you're self disciplined, you can easily come back and think positively. It helps you to actually do the right thing in the moment for long term benefits.

How can you cultivate this self discipline.

One, is that you should stick to your priorities. Secondly is that, don't make excuses. When you have decided to do something do it.

No excuses. The you have self discipline.

Thirdly is that, learn to say no and that's final.
Forthly is, you make discipline your lifestyle. Discipline is not a one time event.

Self discipline, is like building your muscle. Is like going to the gym. You cannot go to the gym today and build your muscle.

You should get a program and go little by little, that is the way to build you muscle. That is the way you can cultivate you self discipline.

Remember, only the discipline ones and free in life.

I repeat again.

Only the discipline ones and free in life.

If you're indisciplined you're a slave to your moods. You're a slave to your passions. 

That's a fact.

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. That was the best time to plant a tree. Today starts here. It's the best time for you to plant a tree of self discipline.

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